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CALUFUL 卡路福床垫科技范畴里的又一次重大突破---自在女神自力筒乳胶专利床垫(专利号:ZL 2010 2 0611042.6),充分发挥自然乳胶的超高弹性、抗菌防螨及透气性,同时奇特的自力筒状乳胶层设想,及自力筒弹簧双层组织,极具减缓身材压力及睡伴互不滋扰功用。


CALUFUL coluful mattress in the field of science and technology and a breakthrough --- the statue of liberty independent tube latex patent mattress (patent number: ZL 2010 2 2010_2_0611042.6) and fully play high elastic latex, anti-bacterial anti mite and permeability, and unique independent cylindrical emulsion layer design, and independent tube spring double-layer structure, the very ease stress in the body and sleep with no mutual interference.